MAYBELLINE LASTING FIX MAKE Spray fixing makeup 100ml

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When making effective make-up for long-lasting parties, it is worth taking care of every detail. High temperatures or difficult weather conditions may affect the appearance of the styling, so it is worth fixing the makeup with MAYBELLINE spray.

How does the MAYBELLINE makeup fixing spray work?

  •          It is invisible on the skin,
  •          Does not burden the skin and does not clog pores,
  •          It has a light formula,
  •          Fixes makeup for many hours,
  •          It prevents oily skin and smudging make -up up ,
  •          It does not dry out.

How to use: When you have done full makeup, spray the spray on your face and wait a few seconds. Ready!

Result: Make-up lasts all day, regardless of external conditions. No oily, glowing complexion and streaks.

Discover the entire range of MAYBELLINE cosmetics to always look good and feel great using the best professional cosmetics for makeup and care.

Maybelline New York brand is one of the leaders in the US cosmetics market. For years, it has been using the current trends in the fashion world. Maybelline is inspired by modern, self-confident women. Its purpose is to emphasize the natural, feminine beauty. Advanced, innovative product formulas guarantee the high quality of the offered make-up products and nail polishes

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