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Maybelline eyebrow pencil Brow Satin is a seductive cosmetic that every woman should have in her inventory. The crayon has become a real sales hit, thanks to its versatility and precision. It is a 2-in-1 product which increases functionality and comfort. On the one hand, it offers a very precise stylus, with which the desired eyebrow shape is drawn, creating precise contours. On the other hand, there is a sponge that fills the voids between the eyebrow hairs, ensuring color uniformity. Durability is impressive – guaranteed 12 hours of finish, so you do not have to check the quality of your make-up every now and then in the mirror.


  •          Stylus and sponge in one
  •          Matte finish
  •          Durability up to 12 hours
  •          Handy and universal


Perfect for people with weaker and thinner eyebrows – after using this pencil, they will be perfectly filled and underlined.


How to use: Use the stylus to define the contours of the eyebrows. Then, using a sponge, fill the inside of the contour with the desired intensity


Result: Beautiful and well-filled eyebrows

We recommend using the rest of Maybelline ‘s make-up products , which will allow you to create a perfect make-up every day.

Maybelline New York brand is one of the leaders in the US cosmetics market. For years, it has been using the current trends in the fashion world. Maybelline is inspired by modern, self-confident women. Its purpose is to emphasize the natural, feminine beauty. Advanced, innovative product formulas guarantee the high quality of the offered make-up products and nail polishes.

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