MAX FACTOR Eyeliner 04 Charcoal 2g

8.32 inc. VAT

The gaze can be mesmerizing. The appropriate eye frame ensures an effective finish of the entire make-up. If we choose the right colors, emphasizing the color of the irises … we will get a sensual styling that will distinguish us or add elegance. If you are bored with shades of black and gray, it is worth diversifying the contents of the cosmetic bag. Max Factor eyeliner in jade color is a stylish proposition for everyday and evening wear.

What are the properties of Max Factor eyeliner?

  •          Durable, does not smudge, roll or bounce,
  •          It has a cool color of jade,
  •          Convenient to use marker for color application,
  •          High level of pigmentation,
  •          Waterproof formula.

How to use: Use the felt-tip pen to draw a thin and delicate or thick and definite line along the lash line, optically enlarging the eyes and adding definition to them.

Result: A deep look full of color and sensuality. The eye frame make-up is extremely durable and will stay with us for many hours.

Try also other Max Factor cosmetics to enjoy a perfect look for any occasion. You can change the styling depending on your preferences, presenting an elegant and classic, crazy and party look or a strong and professional business look.

Max Factor is a timeless brand of professional care and make-up cosmetics, which dates back to the 19th century. Today, the company is very popular on a global scale, and its products are widely used in many countries both as everyday cosmetics and professionally used in stage make-up. 

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