MAX FACTOR Creme Puff Powder 81 Truly Fair 14g

8.23 inc. VAT

A full coverage compact powder that will enable you to easily achieve radiant complexion with a flawless matt finish.

  • Sun-reflecting particles give soft and subtle radiance
  • Good for all skin types

The powder does not have a sponge.

How to use: For a matt finishing effect, apply with straight movements from the top downwards on a base, concealer and blusher. It can also be applied on the entire face surface, on a base. Adjust colour to match your complexion, just like in case of base. Apply a little bit of powder on a brush, and then shake off its surplus by striking gently the brush on your hand.

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Max Factor is a popular line of cosmetics company from Procter & Gamble, founded in 1909. Discover Max Factor range of cosmetics from mascara, eye liner and eye shadow to foundation and lipstick. From everyday wear to spectacular one-off ideas – get the look you want with Max Factor!

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