MAX FACTOR Brow Shaper Eyebrow pencil 10 Blonde

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Double-sided Max Factor eyebrow pencil allows you to fill them with color and emphasize their contours. It has a precise crayon on one side and a convenient brush on the other.

  •          It allows you to give your eyebrows a perfect contour
  •          It fills them thoroughly with color
  •          Lets you draw missing hairs
  •          It is resistant to smudging
  •          It has a long-lasting, creamy formula
  •          It has a comfortable brush

On one side, the product has a precise pencil with an oblique tip, which ensures perfect highlighting of the eyebrow contours and comfortable drawing of hairs. On the other side, there is a brush, thanks to which you can easily brush your eyebrows, giving them the desired shape.

How to use: First, use the pencil – use it to outline the contours of the eyebrows and add hair in the thinned areas. Then reach for the brush and brush your eyebrows.

Result: Emphasized and uniformly colored eyebrows. Permanent eyebrow makeup.

We recommend using other Max Factor make-up products that will allow you to create a perfect make-up every day.

Max Factor is a timeless brand of professional care and make-up cosmetics, which dates back to the 19th century. Today, the company is very popular on a global scale, and its products are widely used in many countries both as everyday cosmetics and professionally used in stage make-up.

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