MATRIX TOTAL RESULTS A CURL CAN DREAM Shampoo for curly and wavy hair 300ml

16.75 inc. VAT

Curly hair needs special, tailored care that tames frizz, defines curls and emphasizes curls, making them soft, bouncy and shiny. Matrix shampoo dedicated to wavy strands not only gently cleanses them and the scalp, but also conditions the strands and prepares them for further stages of care. This product guarantees the highest quality care for curly hair. It contains manuka honey extract .

  •          Gently cleanses
  •          It tames the curls
  •          It prevents frizz
  •          Defines curls
  •          Gives elasticity
  •          Adds shine

Manuka honey extract has nutritional and caring properties.

How to use : Apply a portion of the shampoo to damp strands and scalp, then massage until foaming. Then rinse with plenty of water.

Result: Perfectly cleansed hair, defined, shiny locks ready for further care steps.

Discover the entire range of MATRIX hair cosmetics to take care of your strands professionally at home and enjoy their beautiful appearance every day.

Matrix is a world-renowned brand of professional hairdressing cosmetics for the care and styling of all types of hair. Lines dedicated to hair coloring work in two directions: they give them a durable, expressive color and nourish the general condition of the hair, preventing its damage.

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