LUSSONI LUSSONI7 Pcs Professional Comb Set With Case

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  •          Professional Quality – Lussoni hair combs have been made with care for every detail to meet the demands of professionals
  •          Carbon – Lussoni Combs are made of a material containing 35% carbon. As a result, they are durable and resistant to high temperatures for hairdressing preparations
  •          Ergonomic – These combs have an ergonomic design to make work more comfortable
  •          Complete set- The set brings 6 combs for cutting and styling hair and beards plus a portable case
  •          Handy Case – A storage case that is useful to store and carry the combs safely

The set contains 6 different Lussoni combs and a handy storage and carrying case.                                        

Lussoni combs were created thanks to the tips of professionals who care about comfortable work. The combs are light, durable and ergonomic. They have antistatic properties and can be disinfected.

Set contains:

  1.        Lussoni Cutting Comb CC 102 – A classic, universal hair comb. Dimensions: 29 cm x 5 cm x 22 cm.
  2.        Lussoni Cutting Comb CC 106 – A comb for cutting hair. Dimensions: 29 mm x 5 mm x 215 mm.
  3.        Lussoni Cutting Comb CC 108 – A barber haircutting comb. Dimensions: 29 mm x 5 mm x 210 mm.
  4.        Lussoni Cutting Comb CC 120 – A comb for cutting and combing hair. Dimensions: 39 mm x 5 mm x 210 mm.
  5.        Lussoni Cutting Comb CC 122 – A comb for combing with a wide tooth spacing. dimensions; 39 mm x 5 mm x 200 mm.
  6.        Lussoni Lift Tail Comb LTC 210 – A comb for hair upholstery with a handle tipped with a skewer. Dimensions: 30 mm x 4 mm x 240 mm.
  7.        Lussoni Hair Comb Case – A case for 6 combs.


Lussoni is a brand of professional make-up, hair and nail accessories developed and designed in cooperation with stylists, make-up artists and hairdressers. The products are of excellent quality that meets the needs of professionals and anyone who expects best performance. The Lussoni collection consists of functional accessories with classic, timeless design, made of the highest quality raw materials. 

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