L’OREAL PROFESSIONNEL METAL DETOX Concentrated oil protecting hair 50ml

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L’Oreal Metal Detox Oil is an advanced hair care product, created especially for people who regularly subject their hair to chemical treatments, such as dyeing, bleaching or perming. The product contains Glycoamine to protect the hair from the harmful effects of heavy metals that can be found in water, styling products or chemicals used in hairdressing salons. Heavy metals, such as copper and iron, can accumulate on the surface of the hair, causing its weakness, dullness, loss of elasticity and accelerating the aging process of the hair.

Thanks to the unique formula of concentrated Metal Detox oil , the hair is protected from these harmful substances. The oil acts as a protective shield, creating an invisible layer on the hair surface that prevents the deposition of heavy metals. As a result, the hair becomes healthier, shinier, nourished and resistant to damage.

  •          Protects against metal deposition
  •          Smoothes
  •          Illuminates
  •          Regenerates and prevents the ends from breaking
  •          Provides protection against high temperature and UV radiation
  •          Light, non-greasy formula

L’Oreal Metal Detox Concentrated hair protection oil is a product created by hairdressing professionals that combines the latest achievements of science and technology to provide your hair with comprehensive protection. Thanks to it, you can enjoy healthy, beautiful and shiny hair without worrying about the harmful effects of heavy metals.

How to use: Apply daily to dry or damp hair. Distribute 1-2 pumps evenly from mid-length to ends. Don’t flush.

Result: Strengthened and nourished hair, heat protection up to 230 C.

Detox series was created for colored hair, whose damaged structure is more exposed to harmful metals present in the air and water. Thanks to specially developed technology, Metal Detox products guarantee high color protection, nourishment and strengthening of hair condition.

L’Oreal Professionnel is a world-renowned brand of professional hairdressing products offering hair care and styling cosmetics, as well as styling accessories. The Expert series consists of several product lines, each of which responds to the needs of a different type of hair.

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