Londa Professional Texture Fiber Up Texture Gum 75 ml

9.41 inc. VAT

This line is designed in order to give your hairstyle the desired shape.

Gum recommended for everyday hair styling. Suitable for all types and length of hair. It allows to effectively fix the hair without adding weight and irritating the cuticles.

• Firmly fixes a hairstyle for a long time

• Has a non-greasy, light texture

• Does not stick hair

• Easy to wash off

It contains the 3D-Sculpt micro polymers complex, which due to the high fragmentation of fibres allows a very strong hair support. Thanks to its flexible structure it also enables remodelling of hair during the day.

How to use: Apply a small amount of gum to the hair. Style as required.

Result: Well fixed, smooth hair with a distinct shape.

To supplement daily care we recommend using other Londa products suitable for the needs of your hair.

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