LONDA CALM Cleansing hair shampoo 250ml

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Do you often experience itching and irritation on your scalp? Do you want to take care of it comprehensively and ensure its health and proper care without itching, tingling and burning? You will need proper care and a gentle shampoo that will not only wash your hair and scalp, but also provide maximum relief.

How does LONDA’s shampoo for sensitive and dry scalp work?

  •          Moisturizes,
  •          Koi,
  •          Smoothes,
  •          Thoroughly cleans, but does not dry out,
  •          Regenerates the skin,
  •          It prevents inflammation.

How to use: Apply to wet hair and scalp and massage until lather. Rinse with water and repeat the operation.

Result: The scalp is truly soothed and regenerated, without irritation or inflammation. Shiny, smooth and bouncy hair.

Discover the entire range of LONDA hair care cosmetics to strengthen your strands and make them look beautiful every day.

Londa hair cosmetics have been known on the market for over a hundred years. Coloring and hair care has no secrets for her. Perceived as a professional in her field. It will provide you with exactly what you expect from it. It is known for the high quality of the cosmetics offered, created in the most modern laboratories, but in harmony with the natural environment. The brand is also distinguished by modern design and affordable prices with exceptionally high-quality products. The German brand Londa is known worldwide as a manufacturer of professional hairdressing cosmetics that you can trust.

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