LISAP KERAPLANT Lotion for sensitive scalp 150 ml

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Do you often experience scalp itching or irritation? Do you want to feel relieved and truly refresh your scalp? In addition to intensive cleansing, make sure to use a lotion dedicated to such demanding skin as yours. Reach for the top product from LISAP, thanks to which you will alleviate any unpleasant sensations and prevent burning or itching.

How does LISAP’s sensitive skin lotion work?

  •          It soothes the feeling of itching, dryness, tightness,
  •          Smoothes,
  •          Moisturizes,
  •          Nourishes the skin,
  •          It brings a feeling of relief.

How to use: Apply to the scalp and massage. Leave without rinsing.

Result: The skin is smoothed, moisturized and without irritation in the form of itching or burning.

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