LISAP ESCALATION Mask for colored hair 125 ml

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You certainly know that when you paint your hair, apart from choosing the right paint and color, comprehensive care is also important. Therefore, reach for the best products that will provide the strands with nourishment, hydration and smoothness, and the color – with maximum protection. We recommend a nourishing and moisturizing mask for colored hair, which will perfectly protect your color for a long time.

How does the LISAP mask for colored hair work?

  •          Maximally moisturizes and smoothes strands,
  •          Prevents frizz and static,
  •          Defines the bands,
  •          Prevents color fading,
  •          Extends the effect of coloring and makes the hair shiny and intense in its color,
  •          Contains: macadamia oil , oat proteins, rapeseed oil and peach and apricot extract.

How to use: Apply a small amount of the mask to wet hair immediately after washing, wait a few minutes and then rinse with water.

Result: Shiny hair with an intense, juicy color until the next dyeing!

Get to know the entire range of LISAP cosmetics to give your hair a beautiful and healthy look, using the highest level of hairdressing care.

Lisap is a professional brand that offers hairdressing cosmetics necessary for use in every hairdressing salon. A wide range of products allows for comprehensive hair care and protection. Lisap Ultimate is a hair styling product that allows you to effectively smooth and straighten your hair.

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