KINGFA MEDICAL Disposable nitrile gloves blue, 100pcs. L

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Disposable nitrile gloves effectively protect against viruses, bacteria and fungi. They do not contain latex or powder and, as a result they are suitable for sensitive, allergy prone skin. The gloves ensure high comfort of work in a beauty or hairdressing salon.

  •          Latex and powder free
  •          Suitable for allergy sufferers
  •          Protect against viruses, bacteria and fungi
  •          Ensure comfort and hygiene during work
  •          Comfortable to use
  •          Waterproof
  •          Single use product

The gloves are made of nitrile, so they are as durable as latex gloves, but should not cause allergies or irritations.

Instructions for use:

1. Take one glove from the box by pulling it out by the cuff.

2. Holding the glove by the cuff, put it on the hand opposite to the one that took the glove out of the box.

3. Take another glove from the box with the hand on which you are already wearing the glove. Put it on and adjust.

Result: Well-protected hands.

We recommend other disposable products found in our offer to ensure proper level of hygiene in the workplace.

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