KEMON ACTYVA BELLESSERE Balm Body and hair 150ml

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The Actyva Bellessere Velvet Balm gently cares for hair and body, giving them a silky smooth feel. Argan oil makes the hair shine with natural gloss and makes it easier to comb, while the skin becomes soft and velvety to the touch.

  •          Easy combing and brushing
  •          Adds shine and body
  •          Nourishes skin
  •          Smooths and softens
  •          Pleasant, delicate scent
  •          ICEA Vegan and Love Nature certified

Argan and sweet almond oils contained in the formula perfectly soften, nourish and protect skin and hair from harmful external factors. Flaxseed extract makes hair full of shine and gives them more body.

How to use:

As a shampoo: Distribute a small amount of product on washed, damp hair. Comb through and leave for 3-5 minutes. After this time, emulsify the lotion and rinse thoroughly.

As a body wash: Apply on wet or dry skin. Massage in until absorbed.

Results: Silky hair full of shine and amazingly smooth, soft skin.

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The Italian Kemon company is one of the most popular brands offering professional hair cosmetics. It combines natural herbal and plant ingredients with modern production technologies.

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