Kashōki Olive Cut Makeup Sponge, Red

6.46 inc. VAT

It is an olive cut shaped makeup sponge and it is ideal for applying creamy and liquid types of makeup. The smaller size allows for precise foundation or concealer application. It provides fast and even application with a perfect coverage and flawless finish.


  • It adapts to the face shape and provides an even makeup application.
  • Provides fast and easy application with a flawless and natural finish without streaks.
  • Does not contain latex, therefore it does not absorb a lot of product.
  • It is easy to maintain and keep it clean.

A well-designed sponge size and shape provides an easy and precise makeup application. The round part of sponge is recommended for the even foundation application. The tip of the sponge is ideal for precise coverage of blemishes and imperfections, while the flat edge is perfect for dabbing motion in hard to reach places, e.g. under eyes and around the nose.  

How to use: Soak the sponge in lukewarm water and squeeze to remove the excess of water. Apply a small amount of makeup product and gently bounce on the skin to blend it outward to perimeters of the face. Clean the sponge after each use with warm water and gentle detergent.

Kashōki is a luxury brand of makeup, hair and nails accessories. It has been designed with attention to every detail and inspired by the exotic, mysterious and contrasting Asian culture. The products combine geometric patterns, minimalist forms and noble materials with the well-considered purpose, ergonomics and each element technology. Kashōki is a product collection, of which a multidimensional perfection changes the look and standards of makeup accessories. During the production process, the brand used the highest quality of materials such as copper, wood, taklon bristles and stainless steel.

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