Kashōki Natural Beauty Wooden Round Brush ø 28 mm

27.34 inc. VAT

Natural beauty is timeless and that makes it the greatest source of inspiration. The love for natural beauty and for simple yet functional design was the inspiration for creating the Natural Beauty Collection. To create it, carefully selected, highest quality materials were chosen.


The ø 28 mm brush is irreplaceable when styling middle-length hair – it can be used also for fine and delicate hair.  

Features of the Natural Beauty round brushes:

  •              Made of natural beechwood,
  •              Special “soft touch” bristles ensure comfortable and effective styling,
  •              Ionized nylon pins and natural boar bristles reduce frizziness for smooth finish,
  •              Ceramic barrel distributes heat evenly and protects hair from overheating,
  •              Ergonomic handle,
  •              Unique design,
  •              Available in five sizes suitable for all hair lengths.


The Natural Beauty brushes are exceptional thanks to the special placement of the “soft touch” bristles –uniquely designed tufts are aligned in a straight line. Each tuft is made of natural boar bristles and several nylon pins. The natural bristles provide long lasting smoothing effect, and the gentle pins detangle, grasp hair well and do not irritate the scalp. As a result, hair can easily be lifted up at the base. The ceramic coated barrel ensures even heat conduction and protects hair from overheating. The Natural Beauty round brushes facilitate styling even fine and delicate hair.


Kashōki by Tools For Beauty products were inspired by Japanese style, which is distinguished by perfection of composition and minimalistic forms. The Collection consists of unique makeup and hair styling accessories that transform everyday rituals into sensual pleasure.



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