KALLOS KJLM HAIR PRO-TOX CANNABIS Oil serum against split ends 50ml

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Hemp oil has been used in many areas. It is also perfect for cosmetics. The regenerating serum from Kallos with a unique formula based on hemp oil effectively combats the problem of split ends. Designed for dry and damaged hair, it almost immediately gives the effect of smoothed ends and closed hair cuticles. The specially developed Pro-tox formula combined with hemp oil intensively nourishes and protects dry, damaged hair from damage. The content of plant proteins contributes to the production of keratin, which prevents splitting and brittle hair ends.

  •          Contains hemp oil
  •          Prevents brittleness and split ends
  •          Intensively nourishes weakened hair ends
  •          Protects hair from mechanical devices
  •          The protein content contributes to the production of keratin
  •          It has a pleasant aroma
  •          Gives shine

How to use: Rub a small amount of serum in your hands. Apply to dry or damp hair. Leave without rinsing. Start styling.

Result: Moisturized, smooth and soft-to-touch hair. Full protection against split ends.

To complement the care and obtain spectacular effects, we recommend using other products from the Pro-tox series.

Cosmetics from the Hungarian company Kallos offer a huge selection, effectiveness, beautiful scents and pleasant packaging. They are also affordable and the price-quality ratio is definitely satisfactory. The offer includes paints for permanent and semi-permanent coloring, henna, brighteners, care and styling products. They contain modern ingredients valued by the industry, such as jasmine, beneficial oils and plant extracts. Kallos products are especially recommended for thin, dry hair damaged by chemical treatments or thermal styling .

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