Kallos Hair Pro-Tox Styling Hair Spray 400 ml

7.07 inc. VAT

Kallos KJMN Hair Pro-Tox Hair Spray provides hair with texture and volume. It is particularly recommended for loose and unmanageable hair. It will hold any hairstyle.

  • immediate effect and easy application
  • easy to remove by combing
  • provides long-lasting effect
  • does not mattify hair or stick it together
  • guarantees greater volume

This spray, enhanced with collagen, keratin and hyaluronic acid, effectively builds into the entire hair structure, fortifying weak, thin, dry and brittle hair. 

How to use: spray from a distance of 30 cm. The product can be removed by combing or washing.

Effect: provides strong hold, volume and radiant shine without sticking hair together.

For best results, use together with other products from theKallos KJMN series.

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