K18 Molecular hair mist 150ml

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If you are looking for cosmetics for special tasks that really rebuild your hair from its internal structure and strengthen every weakest strand, changing the appearance of your hair at a rapid pace, reach for the most modern preparation based on molecular technology. The K18 mist will change the appearance of your hair, penetrating inside it and repairing what has been damaged due to styling and chemical treatments. The product is dedicated to the use of chemical treatments. Professional product.

How does K18 molecular mist work?

  •          Regenerates damage,
  •          Prevents hair damage from deepening,
  •          Prevents strands from breaking,
  •          Strengthens,
  •          Perfect for chemical treatments.

How to use: Apply to damp, washed hair, section by section. Leave for 4 minutes. Start drying.

Result: The strands are strengthened, nourished and fully moisturized after the first application.

Get to know the entire series of hair care cosmetics to professionally carry out multi-stage regeneration of damaged hair – all at home!

K18 Hair is a completely new category of hair products that uses biomimetic care that reverses damage caused by bleaching, coloring, heat styling, and at the same time rebuilds individual hair fibers at the molecular level.

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