INEBRYA ICE CREAM LISS PRO Smoothing hair mask 500ml

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A smoothing mask designed for undisciplined, frizzy hair with a tendency to tangle. The use of the product prevents frizz, eliminates the problem of static electricity and smoothes hair cuticles, leaving them silky shiny, strengthened and rebuilt. Thanks to the content of caviar , rich in saturated fatty acids and amino acids , which are responsible for the regeneration of damaged hair cuticles, the mask revitalizes the hair and gives it strength. The caviar extract is activated by the heat of styling devices . Using the mask together with the Liss Pro shampoo leaves the effect of smooth hair for up to 4 days.

Inebrya products ice Cream not only cares for all types of hair, but also for the environment. The bottle is 97% made of biodegradable plastic.

  •          Perfectly smoothes
  •          Nourishes and regenerates
  •          Makes combing easier
  •          Tames unruly hair
  •          Prevents frizz and static
  •          Formula without sulfates, SLES, SLS

How to use: Apply an appropriate amount of product to towel-dried hair, spreading evenly with a brush or comb. Leave for 7 minutes under a heat source, then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Result: Silky smooth, rebuilt and strengthened hair.

Inabrya products .

Inebrya is a brand of professional hair care products from the Italian manufacturer Pettenon Cosmetics. It has been offering innovative solutions in hair care, styling and coloring for over 20 years. The formula of the products guarantees effects that will surprise the most demanding stylists. Pettenon Cosmetics has created a range of products for every type of hair, where each of the products guarantees the highest quality, leaving an individual effect. Each selected ingredient is tested for quality, effectiveness and safety of use. The phrase ” Made in Italy ” speaks for itself. Quality at the highest level.

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