Goldwell StyleSign Just Smooth Flat Marvel Straightening Balm 100 ml

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Professional StyleSign series gives maximum hold, without sticking hair together or weighing it down. Its beauty products not only make it possible to create sophisticated hairstyles, but also protect hair from damage. The series has been updated with a new elegant design and new technologies and enhanced formulas.

StyleSign products from the Just Smooth range help to achieve the effect of smooth, perfectly straight and healthy looking hair.

Flat Marvel straightening balm is a light styling product, activated by high temperature, which helps to achieve shiny, smooth and straight hair in a couple of minutes. It perfectly smooths curly, coarse and unruly hair. It protects hair from high temperatures of up to 200˚C, caring for it and protecting it from breakage. It will make hair sleek, which will make the straightening process easier.

  • It protects hair from high temperatures during the styling process.
  • Smooths hair and gives it shine
  • Protects from humidity
  • Prevents frizz
  • Protects colour and makes it radiant
  • Makes hair soft and lifted at the root
  • Helps to manage unruly hair

Elastomer and UV filters protect colour from fade and the harmful effect of high temperatures and UV rays. They bring out natural shine through smoothing hair. Copolymers hold and condition hair and give it shine, while Bamboo extract helps to maintain its natural flexibility. Innovative Flex Shine Protect technology protects hair from moisture loss and harmful external factors.

How to use: Apply to towel-dry hair and then blow-dry. If necessary, use a straightener.

Result: Smooth, shiny and ideally straight hair.

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