FANOLA FAN TOUCH DEFINE ME Shiny, strong-holding hair wax 100ml

12.82 inc. VAT

Fanola Fan Touch Define Me is a shiny hair wax that not only gives your hair shine, but also ensures strong styling hold. Thanks to its innovative formula, this wax allows precise definition of the hairstyle, ensuring perfect control over each strand.

This product is perfect for people who want to achieve perfect hair look, regardless of their type or length. Its light consistency allows for easy distribution and modeling without weighing down the hair. Additionally, its glossing effect makes the hairstyle gain a healthy shine and look dazzling.

  •          Makes hair modeling easier
  •          Gives flexibility when styling your hair
  •          Provides a strong shine
  •          Fixes well
  •          Thanks to UV filters, it protects against UV radiation
  •          It is easy to wash off from the hair

Fanola Fan Touch Define Me is an essential element of every daily hair care routine for people who value perfect appearance and durability of styling. It allows you to create a variety of hairstyles that retain their appearance for many hours, ensuring self-confidence and a perfect look all day long.

How to use: Apply a small amount of creamy Fanola wax to your fingers and rub it, then massage it into your hair and style your hair as desired.

Result: Natural hair, without sticking or stiffness. Stylized and dazzling.

Fanola is an Italian brand of hair care, coloring and styling products. From the beginning, its goal was to create a wide network of professional product and technical support for hairdressing salons while maintaining attractive product prices. Various lines of cosmetics offered by Fanola guarantee that every customer will find a product suitable for themselves and the needs of their hair.

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