Fanola Botugen Botolife Reconstructive Shampoo 300 ml

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This regenerative shampoo for damaged and brittle hair is enriched with a Botolife complex, keratin and hyaluronic acid. It gently cleanses hair, preparing it for the process of reconstruction.

Thanks to its gentle formula, which is free from sulphates and salts, the shampoo restores natural protein balance to hair.

  • Gently cleanses hair
  • Prepares for the reconstruction process
  • Gentle formula (no sulphates or salts)
  • Restores natural protein balance
  • Softens, moisturises and thickens hair
  • Restores hair from the inside
  • Conditions, smooths and adds glow
  • pH 5.5

The Botolife complex when in contact with water (which is present in hair) develops particles which create a three-dimensional grid. As a result, hair is thickened and gains a spectacular volume. It penetrates into hair and repairs it from the inside. The shampoo contains keratin which conditions hair, smooths it and makes it shiny. Moreover, it has reinforcing and regenerative properties.

How to use: Gently massage the shampoo into your hair and scalp, then rinse it thoroughly.

Result: Leaves your hair soft, moisturised and voluminous.

Because of similar composition and properties, it is recommended to supplement the care with complementary products from the same series.

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