EKO-HIGIENA Smooth fleece wipes 25×38 (100 pieces)

7.40 inc. VAT

If you want to take care of hygiene during minor cosmetic procedures, reach for smooth cosmetic wipes, which will improve your activities and allow you to cleanse at any time. They are soft to the touch and as smooth as possible.

How do EKO HYGIENA smooth cosmetic wipes work?

  •          They have high durability,
  •          They let the air through
  •          They are disposable in nature,
  •          Perfect for cosmetic treatments and manicures.

How to use: Use during various hygienic activities as a single-use product.

The result: Convenience and comfort combined with hygiene! Perfect wipes also in beauty salons and hairdressing salons.

Discover cosmetic accessories from this well-known brand to enjoy healthy and beautiful skin every day!

Eco-hygiene is a company that has been producing, packaging and distributing disposable items for Hairdressing and Cosmetic Salons, Solarium and Healthcare Establishments for 11 years. The company produces, among others : towels, aprons, capes, epilation strips, salon cosmetics.

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