ECHOSLINE KI-POWER VEGAN Keratin hair mask 1000ml

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ECHOSLINE KI-POWER Keratin hair mask is a unique product for intensive hair care that does not contain ingredients of animal origin, while meeting the expectations of people who care about vegan values. The mask is enriched with keratin, which helps rebuild the hair structure, giving it elasticity and a healthy look. The product is completely free of ingredients of animal origin, making it a suitable choice for conscious consumers who want to minimize their impact on the environment.

The keratin mask perfectly moisturizes and reconstructs the hair, helping to restore its softness and smoothness. It also works against hair frizz. The thick and creamy formula, which works in synergy with the 18 amino acids of KI-POWER VEG COMPLEX, strengthens the hair, making it healthy, full and restructured, without weighing it down. Regular use of the mask can help protect your hair from damage caused by external factors, such as drying, styling or exposure to the sun, the product acts on the hair from the inside, helping to restore its lost vitality and shine.

  •          Strengthens weakened hair
  •          Regenerates and strengthens hair
  •          The product does not contain SLS and SLES
  •          Makes combing easier
  •          Prevents hair from frizzing and electrifying
  •          Ingredients of natural origin in accordance with ISO 16128

ECHOSLINE KI-POWER VEGAN hair mask is a perfect way to take care of your hair without sacrificing the values of a vegan lifestyle. Regular use of the mask can help you achieve healthy, shiny and well-groomed hair that will be full of life. Give your hair luxurious care while staying true to vegan principles.

How to use: Spread the mask evenly on washed, damp hair. Leave for 5-10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Result: Intensive hair regeneration and reconstruction. The hair becomes smooth, soft and shiny.

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Echosline is one of the leading professional hairdressing brands that creates hair care and styling cosmetics. The brand was created in Italy by Petteon Cosmetics with the highest level of hair care in mind. Science and technology, as well as care for healthy and beautiful hair, play a major role in the creation of Echosline products .

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