CND SHELLAC Offly Fast replenishing remover Nutrition Line Oil 59ml

4.75 inc. VAT

CND Replenishing Remover removes Shellac hybrid varnishes as well as traditional varnishes, gels and tips. The CND formula cleans and nourishes the plate. It can be used as a replacement for the Offly Fast Nourishing / Moisturizing Remover.

  • Quickly and accurately removes hybrid varnishes from nails
  • It is more delicate than acetone
  • Does not dry nail plates
  • It soothes the skins around them

It contains macadamia oil, which has moisturizing and regenerating properties. Thanks to it, nails have less tendency to break and split. They are strengthened and regain natural glow.

How to use: Use a cotton pad. Apply to the plate and rub to remove the varnish. In the case of hybrid gels and varnishes, wrap the nails with a cotton pad, leave for a sufficient amount of time, then remove the remaining product with a wooden stick.

The result: Safely cleansed and nourished nails.

We recommend using other CND products to complement the care. They will allow you to make a durable and professional manicure or pedicure.

CND Creative Nail Design produces hand lotions, body gel for hand washing, body scrubs and other products for hand care. The brand has a huge potential in the nail industry. In addition to the treatments, CND products also have aroma therapeutic effects, as they contain essential oils. The products are available in a wide range of fragrances. Natural scents stimulate the senses and have a positive influence on mood, while fragrances transform every touch in a pleasant sensation.

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