BIELENDA PROFESSIONAL Creamy Foot Scrub Sweet Almond Oil & Urea 500ml

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BIELENDA PROFESSIONAL Creamy Foot Scrub is recommended for calloused and thickened feet skin and contains almond oil and urea.

  • Improves subcutaneous blood supply
  • Gives softness and smoothness
  • Exfoliates dead skin cells
  • Prepares for absorption of nutrients
  • Prevents calluses

It contains almond oil, with strong softening and smoothing properties, which strengthens skin’s hydrolipid barrier. It is rich in linoleic acid, contained in intercellular cement, which ensures skin integrity and density.

How to use: After foot bath, apply the scrub over your feet and massage in circular motion, paying special attention to calloused skin parts. Next, rinse and dry your feet.

Result: Cleansed, silky smooth and soft foot skin.

We recommend to use Diamond lifting face mask with other products for mature skin from the Face Program range.

It is recommended to use Creamy Foot Scrub with other products from the Foot Program line.

The Foot Program line has been developed for pleasant and effective care of feet for home or professional use. It provides natural ingredients, which restore good skin condition, providing deep relaxation and refreshment.

Bielenda is a natural high-quality body and face cosmetics company, founded in 1990. Thanks to the best raw products and the team’s innovative approach, the brand enjoys continuous developments.

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