ARTDECO Transparent face powder 10g

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Artdeco face powder to extends the life of any make-up. It can be used on any type of foundation, but it will be particularly suitable for use with the Artdeco concealer or camouflage, as it will provide them with resistance to all external factors. Transparent shade suits any skin tone.

  •          Effectively sets make-up
  •          Prolongs its life by 4-5 hours
  •          Prevents wear
  •          Prevents shine
  •          Suitable for all skin types
  •          Can be used on the lips to make lipstick last

How to use: Apply with a powder brush. Evenly sweep the skin. If used on a concealer or camouflage, apply a thicker layer of the product, wait 5-10 minutes, then brush off the excess powder with a clean brush.

Results: Uniform, smooth complexion with no visible imperfections.

We recommend using in combination with other Artdeco make-up products that allows creating the perfect daily make-up.

Artdeco is a German brand of professional cosmetics offering basic make-up products along with a wide selection of make-up cosmetics for the eyes, lips, and nail care. Innovative components and high quality guarantee full customer satisfaction.

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