ARTDECO TRANSLUCENT Loose powder 02 Light 8g

14.89 inc. VAT

Light and transparent Art Deco loose powder Translucent ensures perfect make-up hold. Provides the skin with perfect freshness and smoothness. This product sensationally evens out the skin tone and reduces the visibility of imperfections, including fine lines. Perfectly absorbs excess sebum .

  •          Evens out the color
  •          Smoothes
  •          Fixes makeup
  •          Adds shine
  •          Gives a luminous finish
  •          It reduces imperfections

How to use: Apply the powder with a brush. Brush it evenly on the skin. When used on concealer or camouflage, apply a thicker layer of the product, wait 5-10 minutes, then brush off the excess powder with a clean brush.

Result: Uniform, smooth skin without visible imperfections.

We recommend using the remaining Artdeco make-up products offer , which will allow you to create a perfect make-up every day.

Artdeco is a German brand of professional cosmetics offering make-up base products, as well as a wide selection of eye, lip and nail cosmetics. Innovative ingredients and high-quality products guarantee satisfaction with the effect achieved.

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