ARTDECO Lip liner 01 0.3g

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Artdeco lip liner is a very handy and even indispensable cosmetic that every woman should have. Thanks to it, it is possible to draw precise contours around the lips, which allows for the perfect application of lip gloss / lipstick / lipstick while protecting them against color loss. The lip liner can be used in all conditions without worrying about its sharpness – unlike others, it does not need a lip liner. You only need to extend the head to use it effectively.


  •          Accurately adds contours
  •          Handy
  •          Universal
  •          Convenient
  •          Permanent
  •          Soft
  •          Expressive


The formula of the lip liner is enriched with the presence of resin silicones, which emphasize other cosmetics applied on the lips, increasing their durability. Thanks to this, the woman does not have to constantly worry that her lips do not look as phenomenal as at the beginning of the make-up. The addition of pigments hides imperfections on the lip border.


How to use: Pull out the lip liner head and put it on the lips creating a border.


Result: Expressive and carefully painted lips

We recommend using the rest of Artdeco ‘s make-up products , which will allow you to create a perfect make-up every day.

Artdeco is a German brand of professional cosmetics offering make-up base products, as well as a wide selection of eye, lip and nail cosmetics. Innovative ingredients and high quality of products guarantee satisfaction with the achieved effect.

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