ARTDECO Eyebrow Pencil 6 Medium Grey Brown, 1.1g

3.77 Incl. VAT

Ensures a natural eyebrow make-up effect. Its fluid, lightweight formula make it gentle yet precise in highlighting or filling in your eyebrows. The pencil dries quickly, provides long-lasting make-up and is resistant to wear.

  •          Gives a natural effect
  •          Fluid, lightweight formula
  •          Dries quickly
  •          Resistant to wear

Thanks to its sophisticated formula, the pencil is suitable for everyday eyebrow make-up. It does not smudge or smear and its precise tip ensures that the brows are precisely defined.

How to use: Remove the cap and fill in the shape of your eyebrows with short movements.

Results: Precisely emphasised eyebrows for a natural effect

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ARTDECO is more than a cosmetics brand. ARTDECO combines numerous product collections into one integrated concept, which is what makes them unique. The secret of the company’s success in the German and international markets lies in its ability to continuously meet the individual needs of its customers while maintaining the highest quality products at a reasonable price. ARTDECO cosmetics are aimed at confident, independent women who seek innovation and follow trends.

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