ARTDECO ASIAN SPA Moisturizing hand cream 75ml

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Dry skin of the hands can be a source of discomfort. If left untreated, it begins to crack and this, in turn, is a painful experience. Do you want to take care of your hands and make them smooth and soft? Be sure to reach for a reliable and proven product. The ARTDECO moisturizing hand cream will allow you to deal with the problem of dry and irritated skin quickly!

How does ARTDECO moisturizing hand cream work?

  •          Soothes irritations,
  •          It allows the skin to regenerate dryness and painful cracks,
  •          Restores proper hydration,
  •          It makes the skin elastic and protects it against further damage,
  •          Makes the hands pleasantly soft to the touch,
  •          It brings relief.

How to use: Apply the cream on your hands and rub it thoroughly into the skin. Leave until absorbed. Repeat several times a day to fully regenerate the skin. Whenever you feel irritation and dry skin, use the cosmetic.

Result: Hands silky smooth, soft and flexible. Any irritation disappears after the first use. Regular use of the moisturizing cream prevents the skin from drying out again.

Discover the entire range of ARTDECO body care cosmetics to relax at home and enjoy the highest quality products that will take care of your skin.

ARTDECO is more than a cosmetic brand, ARTDECO combines numerous product collections into one integrated concept, which makes them unique. The secret of the company’s success on the German and international market lies in the ability to continuously meet the individual needs of its clients while maintaining the highest quality products at a reasonable price. ARTDECO cosmetics are targeted at self-confident, independent women looking for innovation and following trends.

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