WELLA PROFESSIONALS WELLAPLEX No3 Hair Stabilizer 100ml stabilizing treatment


The Wellaplex Hair Stabilizer treatment is intended for home care after a Wellaplex treatment performed in the salon. It should be used once a week to keep your hair in good condition until the next visit.

Maintains the balanced condition of the hair
It keeps the bonds inside the fibers
Provides them with resistance to damage
It makes them soft and smooth
Increases their susceptibility to stacking
Contains the Opti pH System, which strengthens the hair by reconstructing the inner bonds of the hair. Thanks to it, the risk of damage to the fibers during coloring or bleaching is minimized.

How to use: Spread the treatment on damp, washed hair along its entire length. Leave for 5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Result: Reconstructed, stronger, more damage-resistant hair. Good condition of the hair between consecutive Wellaplex treatments.

Wella Professionals is a brand that has existed for over 135 years. From the very beginning, it has specialized in the production of cosmetics for the care, styling and coloring of hair. Its offer includes high-quality products for professional and home use. Advanced technologies used during production facilitate the application of cosmetics and make hair care simple, pleasant and effective.

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