WELLA PROFESSIONALS NUTRICURLS Conditioner for Curls and Waves 200ml


Wella Nutricurls conditioner for curly and wavy hair. Its gentle formula can be used both on curls and waves without burdening them. Its main task is to facilitate detangling. Like all Nutricurls products, it includes the Nourish-In Complex.

  •          Provides gentle nutrition
  •          Defines curls and waves
  •          Detangling action
  •          Additionally, smooths hair and prevents frizz
  •          Makes hair more manageable
  •          Adds flexibility and elasticity
  •          Light formula

Contains the Nourish-In Complex formula rich in jojoba oil and wheat bran extract. Jojoba oil moisturises and nourishes hair to protect it against moisture loss. It also emphasises its natural shine. In addition, wheat bran extract rich in vitamins A and E strengthens hair and has antioxidant properties.

How to use: Apply to washed, towel-dried hair and distribute evenly. Rinse thoroughly.

Results: Nourished, smooth and bouncy hair. Defines curls and waves.

We recommend using in combination with other Wella Nutricurls products to ensure comprehensive care for curls and waves.

Wella Professionals is a brand with an over 135 years’ history. From the very beginning, it has specialised in manufacturing hair care, styling and colour treatment products. Its portfolio features high quality products suitable for both home and professional use. Advanced technologies used during the production process facilitate product application, making hair care easier, more pleasant and effective.

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