Wella Professionals EIMI Velvet Amplifier Smoothening Styling Primer 75 ml


Base product designed for all hair types, suitable for use at home and hairdressing salon. Especially recommended for hairstyles that require smoothing and high durability.

  • Makes hair silky soft
  • Smoothes unruly wisps
  • Increases control over styling
  • Hold level 1

With its concentrated serum formula the product is very efficient. It can serve as a base for other texturizing, especially those intended for smoothing the hair. In addition, it makes styling easy without burdening and sticking the hair.

How to use: Apply one squeeze of the product to the hands and distribute on damp hair. Dry the hair with other EIMI products suitable for the desired styling effect.

Result: Smooth, tamed hair ready for further styling.

It is recommended to combine the base care with other products in the EIMI range, including Crafter Body flexible spray and Dynamic Fix sculpting spray.

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