Wella Professionals EIMI Super Set Finishing Spray Extra Stark 500 ml


Hairspray for use in daily styling when a super strong hold of a hairstyle is desired. Suitable for any type of hair, regardless of its length. It leaves no residue on the hair.

  • Very strong hold of any hairstyle
  • Controlled, long-lasting styling
  • Dries immediately on the hair
  • Gives shine and smoothness
  • Hold level 4

With its light formula the hairspray strongly holds the hairstyle without adding weight or leaving an artificial layer. Additionally, it contains ingredients for protection from harmful UV rays, humidity and high temperature when styling.

How to use: Spray on dry hair from a distance of 20-30 cm. For stronger hold individual strands of hair can be sprayed separately.

Result: Smooth, supported and fixed hairstyle.

It is recommended to use the spray simultaneously with other complementary products in the EIMI range, including Ocean Spritz salty spray.

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