Wella Professionals EIMI Ocean Spritz Salt Hairspray For Beachy Hair 150 ml


Spray is designed for everyday styling any type of hair. It does not contain irritating or aggravating ingredients, so it can be used daily.

  • Gives effect of ruffled, free hairstyle
  • Facilitates styling
  • Strengthens protective hair properties
  • Hold level 2

With its light formula the spray does not burden the hair because it contains mineral salt which is gentle to its structure. In addition, a protective complex prevents water loss by providing the hair with a suitable moisture level and protects against damage caused by UV rays.

How to use: Carefully spray on dry or slightly damp hair from the root to the ends, and ruffle by hand. If a more accentuated effect is desired, dry your hair with a hairdryer.

Result: Moisturised, lush, natural-looking hairstyle.

It is recommended to use the spray with complementary products in the EIMI range, including Flexible Finish flexible hold hairspray and Sugar Lift sugar spray.

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