Thalgo Resurfacing Cream 50 ml


This exfoliating cream is perfect for women who struggle with dull complexion, skin without glow, coarse and with the first signs of ageing. The cream removes dead skin cells. Thanks to this, it smooths the skin out, it gives softness and tones it.

  • Epidermis is removed
  • Smooths out your skin
  • Makes the skin soft
  • Tones the skin

Shea butter contained in the cream deeply moisturises your skin. Corundum helps remove cornified layer of your skin. Dermosensine is an active ingredient received from brown algae Lessonia Nigrescen that has moisturising and restoring properties. In addition, this ingredient protects against free radicals.

How to use: Apply the product on clean face avoiding eye area.

Result: Perfectly smooths out and cleanses your skin.

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