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 Teezer Mini Wet Detangler hair brush makes it easy to detangle wet hair. It is suitable for all types. The Tangle Teezer brush is designed not to irritate wet hair, which is more prone to damage. It is not intended for use during thermal styling.

The Mini Wet Detangler Brush is ideal for use while washing your hair as its durable design is not susceptible to damage from water and hair care products. You can safely comb and spread conditioners, masks or nourishing oils on damp hair. The compact size of this brush makes it perfect for children and people with shorter hair. Its ergonomic shape and non-slip handle ensure a secure grip and comfort during use.

  •          Mini size perfect for when traveling
  •          Comfortable handy shape
  •          Flexible , soft teeth
  •          Does not tear or pull hair
  •          Ideal for distributing care products

Teezer Wet Detangler brush has flexible bristles that easily entangle around knots in the hair and quickly detangle them. At the same time, they protect the hair from breaking during combing.

Result: Easily and quickly combed hair, protected against breakage.

Tangle Teezer is a revolutionary brush that has gained immense popularity on the hairdressing market. Its properties make it definitely different from traditional brushes. Tangle Teezer teeth detangle even the most tangled strands without damaging the hair structure. The brushes are also distinguished by an unusual shape and a wide range of colors – everyone will find something for themselves.

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