TANGLE TEEZER SCALP BRUSH Coastal Blue Scalp massager

15.30 inc. VAT

This iconic brand has won the hearts of women around the world due to the universal nature of the product it has become famous for. In addition to TANGLE TEEZER hair brushes, other accessories are also recommended, such as a scalp massager that peels and massages the scalp, bringing us a large dose of relief and relaxation.

How does the TANGLE TEEZER scalp massager work?

  •          Improves circulation,
  •          It peels the scalp and therefore removes dead epidermis,
  •          Pleasantly massages,
  •          Relaxes,
  •          Stimulates the skin to work,
  •          It reduces the feeling of tension and itching.

How to use: Massage the scalp with gentle, slow movements for a few minutes, e.g. in the evening before going to bed.

Result: The skin is massaged. Feeling of relief and no itching guaranteed.

Tangle Teezer is an English manufacturer of revolutionary hair detangling accessories. They were created by the English hairdresser of the stars – Shaun Paulfrey in 2004.



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