TANGLE TEEZER FULL PADDLE 558 Detangling brush

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This iconic brand has won the hearts of women around the world due to the universal nature of the product it has become famous for. The TANGLE TEEZER brush is a flagship product dedicated to all types of hair. The latest version is recommended when styling your hair with a dryer. It is worth reaching for it to shape the perfect hairstyle!

How does the TANGLE TEEZER modeling brush work?

  •          It smoothes the skin to the maximum
  •          Adds volume,
  •          He lifts the hair from the root,
  •          Speeds up the drying process,
  •          I’m not crying,
  •          Does not pull out strands,
  •          Works antistatic,
  •          Dedicated to all hair types,
  •          Perfect for high temperatures,
  •          It allows you to create stylizations full of volume.

How to use: Dry your hair thoroughly with a dryer and a brush, creating the style of your dreams.

Result: The strands are tame, without the tendency to frizz and tangling and the hairstyle under control!

Tangle Teezer is an English manufacturer of revolutionary hair detangling accessories. They were created by the English hairdresser of the stars – Shaun Paulfrey in 2004.

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