ST. MORIZ A set of gloves for applying a self-tanner to the face and body

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A set of gloves for applying a self-tanner to the face and body will allow you to evenly distribute self-tanning products on the skin, ensuring no streaks or dirt.

  •          Evenly distributes the product
  •          It protects against streaks and dirt
  •          Creates a uniform tan
  •          It does not stain your hands while applying the self-tanner
  •          Pleasant to use

St. Moriz glove set allows you to evenly distribute the self-tanner or bronzer without streaks and dirt on the skin. The gloves are equipped with a special protective layer that prevents the product from being absorbed into the material, remaining on its outer layer. The gloves are easy and fun to use.

How to use: Apply a small amount of the self-tanning product to the glove. Evenly distribute it on the skin with gentle, circular movements.

Result: The product is easily and evenly distributed on the skin. A tan without streaks and the skin is clean.

Try the self-tanning cosmetics from the St. Moriz series for a beautiful tan at any time of the year, including Advanced Pro Formula Tan Booster Face Serum and Instant Self-Tanning Body Mist.

St. Moriz is a British brand that produces self-tanners and body bronzers. Product formulas were created in cooperation with experts in the field of beauty who work in beauty salons on a daily basis. Despite its short 10-year history, the brand has taken the leading position in the field of self-tanning products on the British market.

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