Sibel High-Light Self-Heating Wraps Polyethylene Film For Colouring 10×40 cm 1000 pcs

42.65 inc. VAT

The self-holding Sibel highlight strips are dedicated for professional hair salon use. The self-heating paper strips are made from polyethylene film. They are glue-free and adhere to hair due to contact with moisture from the colouring mixture. The strips make the stylist’s work easier, allowing them to create multi-dimensional colour styles.

  • Self-adhesive
  • Self-heating
  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • Multiple use
  • Allow for controlling chemical processes
  • Strong, thick and reliable
  • Make the stylist’s work easier
  • Allow for creating multidimensional colour styles
  • Made from polyethylene foil
  • 10×40 cm
  • 1000 sheets

The adhesive side has a stronger, thicker and more resistant edge. The strips can be faster applied on strands. The transparent side allows for easy control over chemical processes.

How to use: Plastic strips can be easily rinsed in warm water and reused multiple times. This makes usage highly economic.

Result: Natural and durable highlights. The strips allow for creating multidimensional colour styles.

It is recommended to use the strips together with other Sibel hair styling accessories.

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