REUZEL Matte hair styling powder 15g

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Hair styling powder from Reuzel is an extremely useful cosmetic during everyday dry hair styling. After proper application, it facilitates free styling of hair, giving it increased volume and texture at the same time. It is suitable for all hair types, so the only barrier in styling your hair with this cosmetic is the user’s imagination. The powder does not stick the hair together and has no smell, therefore it provides the highest degree of naturalness.


  •          Increases volume
  •          Facilitates styling
  •          Convenient to use
  •          It has no smell
  •          Provides naturalness
  •          Does not stick the hair together
  •          Matte finish


The product is very durable – after using it, the hair will have increased volume and a matte finish for a very long time. Thanks to this, all the hardships of carrying out daily duties can be fulfilled with a stunning appearance, which is a staple in many industries.


How to use: Use the cosmetic on dry and clean hair. Apply the powder to your hands and then spread it thoroughly over the hair strands, starting from their roots. The last step is styling according to individual preferences.


Result: Increased volume and a matte finish

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Reuzel is a cult barber brand originating in the Netherlands. The company is distinguished by a great passion for tradition, classic haircuts and care rituals. The name comes from “lard” which was once used to make hair pomades. In the market, Reuzel pomades are known as pink, green, red and blue pigs because of their distinctive packaging.

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