NACOMI YOGA SKIN Oxygenating and radiant face mask 50ml

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Nacomi Yoga Skin Glow face mask provides the skin with in-depth nourishment, hydration and regeneration. It protects it against water loss from the harmful effects of external factors. In addition, it helps to smooth out fine lines and gives the skin a youthful glow and softness. It also oxygenates the skin. It contains many valuable nutrients and active ingredients, such as: Oxylance , Antarcticine ® glycoprotein ,mango butter, niacinamide and OptimHyal .

  •          Moisturizes
  •          Nourishes
  •          Regenerates
  •          It rejuvenates
  •          It protects
  •          Nurtures
  •          Oxygenates
  •          Smoothes
  •          It has anti-wrinkle properties

Botanical ingredient of Oxylance has an oxygenating effect on the skin . Glycoprotein from the Antarctic Antarcticine ® regionssupports the production of elastin and collagen, mango butter has a softening effect, niacinamide smoothes wrinkles and OptimHyal supports hydration .

Nacomi brand cosmetics , which will allow you to comprehensively take care of your skin, including the Nacomi Yoga line with an oxygenating effect.

Nacomi is a Polish producer and distributor of natural cosmetics for face, body and hair care, operating on the market since 2012. The formulas of Nacomi cosmetics are based on ecological and organic raw materials, thanks to which they maintain the highest quality and safety. Initially, the brand’s domain was cosmetics for women, but now the company is expanding its offer with products for men and children.

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