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Night serum with 0.25% Retinol designed for the care of mature and acne affected skins, wrinkles and dark spots. With regular use, it results in firmer, more even complexion with less blemishes. This Nacomi Next Level line serum is perfect for first time Retinol users.

  •          Reduces dark spots and wrinkles
  •          Improves skin firmness
  •          Brightens
  •          Removes dead skin cells
  •          Regulates sebum production
  •          Prevents spots formation

Retinol is a form of pure vitamin A. It stimulates collagen production, exfoliates dead skin cells, supports skin regeneration and effectively fights blemishes. Thanks to its properties, retinol is your go-to ingredient to fight wrinkles, dark spots and acne. The serum contains a complex of 4 forms of hyaluronic acid, which provides an appropriate level of skin hydration. Panthenol combined with flower oil extracts accelerates epidermis regeneration and soothes irritation.

How to use: Apply a small amount on clean, dry skin of the face in the evening. Use before applying moisturiser. To avoid severe irritation, slowly get your skin used to the cosmetic and at first use the serum twice a week.

During retinol treatment, be sure to use proper sun protection. Do not use when pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not combine the serum with other products that may contain retinol or AHA, BHA, and PHA acids.

Results: Firm, smooth complexion without dark spots.

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Nacomi is a Polish manufacturer and distributor of natural face, body and hair care cosmetics, which has been on the market since 2012. The Nacomi formulas are based on ecological and organic ingredients, so that they maintain the highest quality and safety. Initially, the brand specialized in products for women, but now the company is expanding its range of products for men and children.

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