MARVIS Mouthwash – Cinnamon Mint 120ml

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Concentrated, alcohol-free mouthwash Marvis is a guarantee of fresh breath and healthy teeth. The product protects against caries and removes plaque without damaging the enamel. The amazing flavor of cinnamon and mint is very refreshing.

Protects against caries
Cares for teeth and gums
Freshens breath
It prevents the development of caries
The content of propolis makes the Marvis mouthwash effectively fights bacteria and prevents them from multiplying. Xylitol is responsible for caries prevention and maintains the natural pH level. The product contains Sodium Fluoride 0.08%.

How to use: Rinse your mouth with a small amount of the product. Don’t swallow.

Result: Fresh breath, healthy gums and teeth

For comprehensive protection for your teeth, also try Marvis toothpastes.

Marvis is a brand that was founded in 1958 in Florence. These Italian toothpastes have been produced for the best care – they fight discoloration, protect the gums and allow you to maintain proper oral hygiene.

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