MARVIS GINGER MINT Toothpaste 85ml

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Marvis Ginger Mint toothpaste combines warming ginger with cooling mint. It removes tartar, reduces stains and gently whitens teeth, plus it provides a unique fresh feeling.

  •          Refreshes and invigorates
  •          Long-lasting effect
  •          Non-aggressive formula
  •          Thoroughly cleanses teeth
  •          Removes stains

Ginger acts as an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, while mint effectively freshens breath and leaves a pleasant feeling of refreshment. Xylitol contained in the composition fights cavities and inhibits the formation of stains.

How to use: Squeeze out a small amount of paste on your toothbrush and brush your teeth morning and evening.

Results: Intensely fresh breath and clean teeth

To ensure comprehensive protection for your teeth, try other products from Marvis.

Cooling and whitening effect

Marvis is a brand that was founded in 1958 in Florence, Italy. The toothpastes are made for the best possible care, fighting stains, protecting gums and maintaining good oral hygiene.

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