L’OREAL PROFESSIONNEL HOMME Hair color gel for men (4) Brown 3x50ml

39.55 inc. VAT

Seeing more and more gray hair in the mirror, do you feel it’s time for a change? If you want to get rid of gray hair and give your strands a healthy, shiny look, reach for the coloring gel from the iconic L’OREAL brand. You will quickly and efficiently complete your natural shade and even out the color, while masking gray strands.

How does the hair color gel from L’OREAL PROFESSIONNEL work?

  •          Covers gray hair,
  •          Adds shine,
  •          Completes the natural color,
  •          It is simple to apply,
  •          Works after 5 minutes.

How to use: Mix the gel with the L’OREAL oxidant dedicated to this treatment (from the same series) in a 1: 1 ratio. Apply with protective gloves. Leave on hair for 5 minutes and then rinse thoroughly. Follow the instructions attached to the package.

Result: Hair without a trace of gray. Shiny, healthy and intensely brown.

Discover the entire series of high-quality hair products from L’OREAL PROFESSIONNEL to take care of your strands and give them a phenomenal look every day!

L’Oreal Professionnel is a world-renowned brand of professional hairdressing products offering hair care and styling cosmetics, as well as styling accessories. The Serie Expert line includes products tailored to various problems, so that everyone can adjust the cosmetic to the needs of their hair.

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