L’OREAL PARIS BROW ARTIST Skinny Definer double brow pencil 5.0 Light Brunette


L’Oreal Brow Artist Precision Retractable Brow Pencil is a convenient double product with an automatic crayon on one tip and a spoolie brush on the other. Allows precise shaping and filling eyebrows. Available in a range of the most popular shades that will easily match your complexion and hair tone.

  •          Intensify and unify brows
  •          Correct their shape
  •          Precise, oblique tip
  •          Creates thin, hairlike strokes
  •          Natural effect
  •          Does not smudge or crumble
  •          Spoolie brush to set the brow shape

How to use: Draw short lines on clean, dry eyebrow arch with short strokes and slowly gradate the effect. To make your brows look natural, draw diagonal lines in the direction in which your eyebrows grow for brows that look just like yours. Finally, brush your eyebrows with the spoolie brush.

Results: Underlined, unified, filled in eyebrows with a lasting shade.

We recommend using together with other L’Oreal Paris make-up products to create a perfect everyday make-up.

L’Oreal Paris is a French make-up and hair care brand that is present in almost 120 countries worldwide. The brand’s philosophy is based on diversity and multi-ethnicity, therefore all products are designed to address different types and colours of hair and skin. L’Oreal Paris products are based on the latest technologies. That is why they maintain their top quality and provide luxurious daily care.

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